New York City International, Nonprofit & Business Law Firm

James Hsui, PLLC is a New York City based law firm focused on business law, nonprofit (NGO/501c3) law and international law. We take pride in providing each client a distinctive service, and are dedicated to amplifying the vision and voice of every client with creative, resourceful and bespoke solutions.

We work with entrepreneurs, businesses, social enterprises, social justice advocates, nonprofits, visionaries, governments and diplomats to help ensure their interests here in the United States and New York are well protected, their goals are built upon solid foundations, and their legal and other concerns are well addressed and taken care of. Anywhere in the world, our clients can rest assured of our utmost discretion, and take confidence in our firm’s commitment to the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity.

How can we help you achieve your vision?

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Address: 110 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005
Tel: +1 929 376 8888
Fax: +1 888 879 7618
微信 (WeChat): jhpllc

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 9:00am–6:00pm (Eastern)

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Nonprofit/NGO/501(c)(3) for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Take a look at our SDGs commitment or learn more about the SDGs.

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