Business Contracts & Agreements

Contracts are a foundation of business, but they can be formed unknowingly. From time immemorial, courts have found statements written on tavern napkins to be contracts. They can even be formed by speech alone.

While an oral agreement may seem like a friendly way to do business, it is probably not the best way. A written contract protects all signatories. It prevents all parties from forgetting that they have reached an agreement. When well drafted, a contract also prevents signatories from misinterpreting, whether intentionally or unintentionally, what has been agreed to.

A business may want to prevent business secrets from being revealed, retain big customers or key people, maintain workplace mores, or protect its property; it may want to prevent disputes from entering into the court system; it may even want to use the contract as evidence to protect itself and its principals when the government comes knocking. There are innumerable reasons to have a contract, and an equally innumerable reasons why you may not want to leave it to chance.

James Hsui, PLLC can prepare custom contracts and standard form agreements that can meet the specific needs and concerns of your business. Let us know how we can help.

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