Form New York PLLC

Form New York PLLC

New York PLLC
(Professional Limited Liability Company)
Formation Lawyer Service

Want to form a PLLC in New York for your practice?
Our NYC business formation lawyer can help!

Since 2015, James Hsui, our NYC PLLC startup lawyer, has formed hundreds of PLLCs for New York professionals. He has extensive experience in navigating the creation of PLLCs from start to finish, and will work with you to set up your PLLC as smoothly as possible.

Our firm guarantees formation of your New York PLLC, or 100% of your money back.

Fixed-Fee New York PLLC Formation Service

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Law practice PLLCs are formed differently. Contact us for information about forming a PLLC for your law practice..

What’s a New York PLLC?

A New York professional service limited liability company (PLLC) is formed under Section 1203 of the New York Limited Liability Company Law. The PLLC is one of three types of registered entities that can be formed to provide professional services within the State of New York. The other two are the professional corporation (PC) and the registered limited liability partnership (LLP). Regular LLCs and corporations can’t be used to practice a profession in New York, and using one to do so is a crime. Many professionals set up PLLCs for their businesses in New York.

Advantages and Benefits of New York PLLCs

Forming a New York PLLC is a great option because it takes the best parts from other business entities in New York. Like partnerships, PLLCs have relaxed formalities and can’t be taken over by outsiders. PLLCs, like corporations, shield their owners’ personal assets from business liabilities. Like LLCs, PLLCs can choose pass-through or double taxation to maximize tax benefits.

PLLCs in New York have clear advantages over their LLP and PC counterparts. LLPs require two or more owners, while PLLCs require only one. PCs must renew their registration with the New York State Education Department every three years, while PLLCs don’t. Also, PCs can only provide professional services, while PLLCs can also do everything that a regular LLC can do. So a doctor could run both a medical practice and dance studio through a PLLC, but not a PC. Therefore, many professionals prefer the PLLC structure, especially when starting a solo practice in New York.

Forming a New York PLLC is not a substitute for getting malpractice insurance. New York law makes professionals personally responsible for the harms they cause when providing professional services. So getting enough insurance is still important. No New York business structure provides malpractice liability protection. However, in a PLLC, unlike a partnership or sole proprietorship, business owners are not personally liable for the malpractice of other owners, or for other business activities and obligations.

New York PLLC requirements for formation

A PLLC is formed by filing articles of organization with the New York Department of State. However, there are certain formation requirements, that, if not met, will cause the filing of the articles to be rejected.

Professional license requirements

Only licensed professionals can form a PLLC in New York. Every owner (member) and manager of PLLCs formed to practice any profession listed in Title VIII of the New York State Education Law must have a New York license in the profession. PLLCs formed to practice law may have owners and managers licensed in other states or countries, as long as at least one also is licensed in New York. A person who is not a licensed professional cannot own or operate a PLLC.

Certificates needed to form a New York PLLC

To form a PLLC, New York requires confirmation that PLLC members and managers are licensed. A certificate by the relevant state licensing authority must be attached to the PLLC formation papers.

For most PLLCs, this involves getting the consent of the Office of the Professions of the New York State Department of Education. If approved, the office will send a PLS-709 certificate of authority to form a PLLC. The approval process can take several months.

For PLLCs practicing only law, a New York lawyer can use a certificate of good standing from the New York Supreme Court. Other lawyers can get the equivalent from their state or country attorney’s licensing authority.

Naming Requirements

The New York Department of State requires that all PLLC names end with the words “PLLC.” Names for law firms, including PLLCs, are subject to the rules of professional conduct. Names for all other PLLCs are subject to the written and unwritten rules of the New York State Education Department.

Flat-fee New York Professional Limited Liability Company (PLLC) Formation Service

Our New York PLLC formation package includes the following, each handled personally by James Hsui, our NYC business attorney:

  • Provide guidance with PLLC business name requirements
  • Prepare professional practice entity affidavit
  • Notarize professional practice entity affidavit (optional)
  • Draft PLLC articles of organization
  • Prepare PLLC formation approval application
  • Submit PLLC formation approval application to the NYS Education Department
  • Manage all communications, queries, and requests from the NYS Education Department
  • Get PLS-709 certificate of authority from the NYS Education Department
  • Submit articles of organization and certificate of authority with the NYS Department of State, Division of Corporations
  • Get certified copy of articles of organization
  • File copy of the articles with the NYS Education Department
  • Provide basic PLLC operating agreement
  • Prepare statement of the organizer
  • Prepare initial member (owner) resolutions
  • Prepare initial manager resolutions
  • Provide member unit notices
  • Provide initial membership ledger entry
  • Apply for employment identification number (EIN), if requested (current social security number or taxpayer identification number required)
  • 100% money-back guarantee, if PLLC formation is rejected by the NYS Education Department

Flat-Rate Legal Fee: $1,689
*Flat-rate fee does not include state fees or annual registered agent fees. As of January 2024, state filing fees are $235, plus $10/member. Engineering, land surveying and geology PLLCs are also subject to an NYSED certificate of authorization fee of $125/3 years.
LLC post-formation publication services and FinCEN post-formation beneficial ownership information (BOI) filing services are not part of this package, and sold separately

A New York PLLC must publish legal notices within 120 days of its formation. We’d be glad to help with the process.

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