Iacta Alea Esto

Tunc Caesar: “Eatur,” inquit, “quo deorum ostenta et inimicorum iniquitas vocat. Iacta alea est,” inquit.
— Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus, “De Vita Caesarum”
Then, Caesar exclaimed: “Let us follow the course that the signs of the Gods and the injustice of our enemies call for. The die is cast.”
— Suetonius, “Lives of the Caesars”

We are told by the Roman historian Suetonius that Julius Caesar uttered “iacta alea est—the die is cast” as he crossed the Rubicon river, a decision that set into motion a course of events leading to the founding of the Roman empire.

Entrepreneurs and visionaries are often faced with similar decisions as Caesar. “Iacta alea esto—let the die be cast”, our firm’s motto, recognizes the gravity and significance of the decisions our clients must make. While their mortality may not be at stake, they put their life savings, their reputations and their futures on the line. The other choice, the status quo, while the safer course, is mired in stagnation. And so, they want to move forward, but sometimes, they hesitate.

Caesar hesitated too. Suetonius tells us that, standing at the precipice of the Rubicon, Caesar addressed his armies. “There is still time for us to draw back,” he said, “but if we cross the little bridge before us, all that is ahead is the sword.” Finally, having weighed his options, he declared “iacta alea est,” and led his army across the river. From this came forth the spark from which the Roman Empire would be born.

Every decision involves a degree of risk; but without risk there can be no change. As a transactional law firm, our role is to help you to evaluate and reduce the risks of unwanted outcomes, and maximize your chances for success: to put you in an optimal position to take action.

Caesar had his advisers; let us be yours. Together, let us move forward. Iacta alea esto!

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